In many cases houses wired up 25 years ago simply don't have the capacity or the necessary safety measures required for today's electricity hungry devices. The TV of today is often a much larger and more energy hungry device than the TV of 25 years ago. In many cases today the TV comes with a surround sound system, the DVD or Blu-ray player, a storage device, wii/PlayStation/Xbox.

Everything is bigger and more powerful. Our home computers are more powerful and have larger screens. Whereas once the house would be lucky to have one PC now they often have many with large screens and multiple printers. Our vacuum cleaners have been turbocharged, our dishwashers have become quieter and more powerful. Eventually every room of the house you will find triple the amount of power being drawn from each room than would have been used 25 years ago.

In your garage or workshops things have similarly been beefed up. I remember my first cordless drill was a 7.2 V now I'm packing to 18 V drills.  Your average power tool these days has a lot more grunt than those from yesteryear.

The answer to this extra usage is not to simply tack on more and more adapters(so dangerous they are banned in the workplace it crazily be allowed in homes) and power packs.  This can dangerously overloaded your circuits and if you have an old fuse box the problem is compounded.

If the same circuit is being used by someone using a computer, someone watching a large screen TV, an then someone plugs in the vacuum cleaner well – it's all over. It's bad enough if you have begun reset a circuit breaker when this happens and it's even worse if you have to replace fuse wire in the old porcelain fuses

Far better to look at running more circuits into your house and when doing so and thicker wire and was used 25 years ago mean the wires can carry more power without getting hot.  We can do safety checks on all of your power points and replace any cracked or damaged ones.  Any light fittings or power points that are sparking we can sort out for you.

On those hot nights there's nothing more annoying than trying to get to sleep with a ceiling fan that has gone past its use by date and now though it still spins it does so with the racket of a small aeroplane.  Your choice is to swelter with the fan on low or turned off all learn to sleep with the noise or earplugs in. Ceiling fans are surprisingly cheap both the purchase and install so if yours is ready for retirement within the new one for you.  Of course these days they come with remote controls to both the fan and the light so there is no need to hop out of bed to change the speed or the dim/turn off the lights.

Whatever your electrical repair and renovation needs are, if you are in Brisbane then Rowlands Electrical had the experience and know-how to provide your solution.

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