Ducted AIr cConditioning DiagramIf you are looking for an air conditioning option that will enable you to cool your entire house in summer and heated in winter in your best option is going to be a ducted air-conditioning system rather than a split system.  Whilst the split system is certainly cheaper when you are looking to only control the temperature of one or two rooms the cost quickly adds up when you are looking at three rooms or more.

The main reasons that this is the every split system has its own condenser, as we requiring plumbing and wiring often directly through a solid wall.  The result is the effective cost of materials and installation of installing a split system into every room of the house as opposed to installing a fully ducted system would be greatly more.

Apart from cost or the other benefits of installing a ducted system air conditioning system over a split system.

  1. Quietness.  With a split system, the compressor is kept outside the house and should be limited noise from it as a result of the fan that distributes the cool warm air operates inside the room to be cooled or heated bus it is not as quiet as a ducted system is that the compressor and the fans operate from outside the house.
  2. Ease of use. With a ducted air-conditioning you can set up different zones in your house and quickly switch from one to the other at different times of the day. Click day on your remote control to hit a cool the living areas, click night the helical the bedrooms at night. This can also save a lot of money in running costs is no units will be accidentally left on when switching from day to night use.If you want you can simply set up your ducted air-conditioning system on timers so that automatically changes from day to night use that suits you. Never again worry about having to wake up to two cold or too hot kitchen – set your timer to cool will heat it 5 min before you have to get out of bed.
  1. A complete home solution. It almost goes without saying of course a ducted air-conditioning system allows you to cool or heat your entire home whereas a split system is required to every room.
  1. No hot or cold spots. With a ducted air-conditioning system, your system will automatically adjust the amount of heating or cooling in different areas using a thermostat control. The heating or cooling is greatly more even throughout the area is used in. Having an even temperature throughout your house makes for a more comfortable house.
  1. Less visual intrusion. Instead of having a large fan unit installed in every room instead the install a discrete ducting system in your roof so your walls remain available as walls as opposed to being taken up by air conditioning components.
  1. Cheaper to run.  The much cheaper to run a single compressor to heat multiple rooms especially when combined with thermostat controls temperature management and timers to manage the temperature in different parts of the house at different times of the day. With multiple split systems there is always going to be a level of inefficiency that translates to higher operational costs.

At the end of the day it really comes down to your budget.  If you’re looking for complete home cooling or heating solution then a ducted air conditioning system is the way to go.  If your budget is very tight and you think you can get away with simply heating or cooling the highest use rooms in your house then a a split system will certainly do the trick.

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